Scaled a Brand To Generate 4.85 Cr in Sales with an Ad Spend of 77 lacs INR on Amazon with a ROAS of 6.26

Scaled a Brand To Generate 4.85 Cr in Sales with an Ad Spend of 77 lacs INR on Amazon with a ROAS of 6.26

Our client, a reputable water fountain manufacturer, had a stellar reputation in the offline market. They approached Edot Services with a vision to expand their reach in the online world. Their primary objective was to increase revenue while maintaining profitability.

Challenges Faced:

Our client encountered several challenges in their e-commerce venture:

  1. Transitioning to Online: While they were known offline, establishing an online presence posed unique challenges.

  2. Competing in a Crowded Market: The water fountain market on e-commerce platforms was saturated with competitors.

  3. Optimizing Ad Spend: To maintain profitability, our client had budget constraints that required careful ad spend management.

Our Approach:

To tackle these challenges and surpass expectations, our strategy focused on precision:

  • Market Research: We conducted in-depth market research to understand the online water fountain market, competitor strategies, and consumer behavior.

  • Strategic Campaign Design: We designed a customized advertising strategy with a focus on keyword targeting, compelling ad creatives, and budget optimization.

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Real-time data analysis allowed us to adapt and fine-tune our strategy for maximum impact.


  • Keyword Targeting: We strategically selected high-converting keywords related to water fountains, ensuring maximum visibility to the target audience.

  • Creative Ad Content: Engaging ad creatives highlighted the unique features and benefits of our client’s products.

  • Budget Optimization: We carefully managed the budget to maximize returns while minimizing ad spend.


Our results spoke volumes:

  • Revenue of 4.8 Crores: In a relatively short timeframe, our client achieved an impressive revenue of 4.8 Crores.

  • ROAS of 6.26: The Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was an exceptional 6.26, showcasing the effectiveness of our advertising strategy.