Scaled a Brand To Generate 9 Lakhs in Monthly Sales with an Ad Spend of 1.28 Lakhs on Amazon with a ROAS of 7.25

We conducted a thorough analysis of the brand’s target audience. This involved understanding their demographics, interests, and online behavior.
We created a targeted marketing campaign that reached the right people at the right time. We ran paid campaigns on E-commerce platform – Amazon to reach our target audience.

We optimized the brand’s website for search engines. This helped to improve the visibility of the website in search results, which led to more traffic and sales.
We implemented a conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy. This involved making changes to the website that would increase the likelihood of visitors converting into result customers.

As a result of our efforts, The Brand was able to generate 9 lakhs in monthly sales with an ad spend of 1.28 lakhs per month. This represents an 800% increase in sales.

Here are some of the key takeaways from this case study:

  • A well-targeted marketing campaign is essential for success in e-commerce.
    Optimizing your website for search engines is a must-do for any e-commerce business.
    Conversion rate optimization can help you to increase your sales.
  • We created a series of targeted ad campaigns on Amazon. These campaigns were specifically designed to reach our target audience and encourage them to make a purchase
    We optimized the website for keywords related to the Brand’s products. This helped to ensure that the website appeared high in search results for relevant queries.
  • As a result of these efforts, the brand was able to generate a significant increase in sales with a relatively small ad spend. This is a testament to the effectiveness of our e-commerce marketing services.

(A snapshot of their sales data from Amazon seller dashboard)