Scaled a Brand To Generate 1.92 Lakhs in Sales with an Ad Spend of only 24 K INR on Amazon with a ROAS of 7.73

Scaled a Brand To Generate 1.92 Lakhs in Sales with an Ad Spend of only 24 K INR on Amazon with a ROAS of 7.73

Client Background:

Our client, a new entrant into the market, is a brand specializing in unique and innovative Home and Fabric Care Product. With a fresh product lineup, they aimed to establish their presence on Amazon quickly and effectively. Their primary objective was to achieve a ROAS that would sustain their growth and secure their position in the market.

Challenges Faced:

As a newcomer in a competitive niche, our client encountered several hurdles:

  1. Limited Brand Awareness: With no established reputation on Amazon, they struggled to capture the attention of potential customers.

  2. Budget Constraints: As a startup, their advertising budget was limited, making every dollar spent crucial.

  3. Competing with Established Brands: They were up against established competitors with extensive Amazon experience and resources.

Our Approach:

Despite the challenges, our strategy focused on delivering exceptional results:

  • Thorough Market Research: We conducted extensive research to understand the competitive landscape and consumer behavior in the consumer electronics niche.

  • Strategic Campaign Design: We devised a tailored advertising strategy that included meticulous keyword targeting, compelling ad copy, and budget optimization.

  • Quick Data Analysis: Real-time data analysis allowed us to identify trends, capitalize on opportunities, and make necessary adjustments swiftly.


  • Keyword Targeting: We strategically targeted high-converting keywords related to the client’s product range to maximize visibility.

  • Creative Ad Content: Engaging ad creatives highlighted the unique features and benefits of the client’s products, differentiating them from competitors.

  • Budget Optimization: We carefully managed the budget to ensure maximum exposure while maintaining profitability.


Our results surpassed expectations:

  • ROAS of 7.70: In just one month, our client achieved a ROAS of 7.70, a remarkable return on their advertising investment.