Achieving an Exceptional ROAS of 18.6 with 2.8 Lakhs Ad Spend, Garnering 44 Lakhs in Revenue for a Home Decor Brand

In the competitive world of e-commerce, achieving a remarkable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is a testament to effective marketing. Edot Services is delighted to share a case study that not only achieved an exceptional ROAS but also generated a substantial 44 lakhs in revenue for a home decor brand. This is the story of style, strategy, and outstanding financial success.

Challenges Faced:

The home decor industry in the e-commerce world presents its own set of challenges:

  1. Intense Competition: The home decor market is highly competitive, with numerous brands vying for consumer attention.

  2. Budget Constraints: Our client had a limited advertising budget, demanding efficient ad spend management.

  3. Profitability Maintenance: While revenue growth was the objective, it was crucial to ensure ad spend remained manageable and profitable.

Our Approach:

To address these challenges and achieve remarkable results, we crafted a strategy that combined artistic flair with precision:

  • Thorough Market Analysis: In-depth market research allowed us to understand the competitive landscape and consumer behavior in the home decor industry in the e-commerce space.

  • Strategic Campaign Design: We meticulously designed an advertising strategy, emphasizing keyword targeting, captivating ad creatives, and budget optimization.

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Real-time data analysis enabled us to adapt the strategy for maximum efficiency.


  • Keyword Targeting: We strategically selected high-converting keywords related to home decor, ensuring the brand’s products reached the right audience.

  • Creative Ad Content: Engaging ad creatives showcased the style and quality of our client’s home decor collections, setting them apart from competitors.

  • Budget Optimization: Careful management of the budget ensured optimal returns on ad spend.


Our collaborative efforts produced extraordinary results:

  • Revenue of 44 Lakhs: In a relatively short time frame, our client experienced a substantial increase in monthly revenue, reaching 44 lakhs.

  • ROAS of 18.6: The Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was an astounding 18.6, illustrating the effectiveness of our advertising strategy.

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Our work not only drove sales but also significantly improved the brand’s presence in the competitive home decor market.