How We Achieved a 4.48 Crore Revenue with an Ad Spend of 46 Lakhs and a ROAS of 10.33 for a Home Decor Brand


In the world of e-commerce, driving exceptional results requires a special touch, especially for home decor brands. Edot Services is proud to present a case study that not only achieved a remarkable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) but also generated a staggering revenue of 4.48 Crores with an ad spend of just 46 lakhs for a home decor brand. This is the story of transformation and success.

Challenges Faced:

The home decor industry presents its own challenges:

Saturated Market: The home decor market was highly competitive, with numerous brands vying for attention.

Our Approach:

To meet these challenges and exceed expectations, we designed a strategy that combined artistry with precision:

Market Research: We conducted extensive market research to understand the online home decor market, competitor strategies, and consumer preferences.

Strategic Campaign Design : We crafted a custom advertising strategy that focused on keyword targeting, compelling ad creatives, and budget optimization.

– Data-Driven Decision-Making: Continuous data analysis allowed us to fine-tune our strategy and stay responsive to market changes.


– Keyword Targeting: We strategically selected high-converting keywords related to home decor, ensuring our client’s products were visible to the right audience.

Creative Ad Content: Engaging ad creatives emphasized the uniqueness of our client’s products, setting them apart from competitors.

Budget Optimization: We carefully managed the budget, ensuring optimal returns on investment.


The results of our partnership were truly impressive:

Revenue of 4.48 Crores: Within a relatively short period, our client achieved an astonishing revenue of 4.48 Crores.

ROAS of 10.33: The Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) soared to an exceptional 10.33, showcasing the effectiveness of our advertising strategy.

Enhanced Online Visibility: Our efforts not only drove revenue but also significantly enhanced the brand’s presence in the competitive online market.